Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day bug

It looks like we will be celebrating Valentine's Day (and the weekend) at home. Samuel has some sort of bug. He hasn't been feeling great since Monday afternoon, but he didn't get a high fever until last night. At 7PM he had a higher fever than I've ever seen in my life- 104.7 degrees. Thankfully, my mom was here, and we were able to nurse it down without going to the emergency room. Between medicine, cool washcloths (he wouldn't tolerate a bath), advice from an on-call doctor and my ER Nurse neighbor, a sippy cup of Pedialyte (only one because then he realized it didn't taste so good), and some tlc, it went down to 101 degrees by 10PM. At that point I felt comfortable putting him to bed, which is something he had been asking me to do for over an hour... (You know Samuel is sleepy when he asks to go to bed!) My mom spent the night with us to help me out and make sure that she didn't need to drive Samuel to the ER (since I didn't want to have to be around all of the illness there). I checked his temp 3 times in the night and gave him more medicine only once since after that dose his temp was close to normal. I got decent stretches of sleep from 1AM-4AM, and then 4:15AM-8AM. I am tired though. This pregnant body definitely craves sleep!

This morning his temp was 100 degrees, so I decided to take him to the doctor. The good news is that he doesn't have the flu. The doctor thinks it's probably a virus, but she decided to be on the safe side by doing some blood work and a CT scan of his lungs. Samuel cried a whole lot while 2 of the doctors took his blood, which caused me to cry... Then, we went to the hospital for the CT Scan, which didn't cause him to cry as much. I was thankful that the 2 techs were so sweet with him because I wasn't able to stay in the room for the x-ray since I'm pregnant.

After that, I decided to take him to the store for some goodies and beverages since he hasn't eaten well since lunch on Monday. The doctor said that all rules go out the window, so I bought him Sun Chips, Jello, Gatorade, Sunny D, and some Pedialyte pops. We'll see if he will even eat the Pedialyte pops. They might be as bad as the drink. He was especially thrilled when I bought him a cheeseburger from McDonald's. He didn't eat much of it, but I figure that some protein is better than none... Thankfully Samuel doesn't know how to fake an illness to get these yummy snacks and meals... Can you imagine???

We're praying he feels better soon! I pray Samuel's temp doesn't go up again tonight like the doctor predicts it will, but if it does, I will know exactly what to do. Jeremy is able to come home late tonight, which is good since I might need some extra sleep tomorrow.

I almost forgot to add this- For the first time, I felt Vance hiccup last night around 1AM. I had laid back down after taking care of Samuel, and I felt the hiccups. I don't remember them this soon with Samuel. I guess that makes sense though because now I know what they feel like. Those hiccups brought a smile to my face. It was like Vance was telling me that he was ok in there and happy that I was taking care of his big brother. Maybe that's a little far fetched, but it made me smile... :)

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  1. Oh Jeez Marianna...104.7...that's SCARY!! I wonder where he got a virus from? Bryce has a slight runny nose and a slight cough, but no fever or anything so I'm hoping he didn't pick it up here. I sure hope he's feeling better really soon. Keep me posted.