Friday, February 1, 2008

The latest from Nate

I wanted to share this link with you because it takes you to a video of Nate holding his daughter for the first time. It's an amazing video that had me crying like a baby. I cry pretty easily these days (being that I'm pregnant), but this one was more than just an average tear jerker. I am in awe of how small she is and how she is thriving! God is taking such good care of her! On the video Nate says that her stats went right where they should be when he was holding her, which shows you how much they need the touch of Mommy and Daddy. I am praying for Tricia to be able to hold her soon. Gwyneth is almost a month old, so I know that Tricia is needing to hold and be close to her daughter. God will answer her prayers shortly. Tricia is also now on the double lung transplant list, so please pray about that. This family has been through so much, and their faith is amazing to me. I know that it's only by God's grace that they are able to be at peace. I pray that God will comfort them more each day and give all 3 of them the rest they need! Please pray for them!

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