Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday 10:00 PM Update- Please pray for Jeremy

Now you can pray for Jeremy. He either has food poisoning or a stomach bug. Thankfully he made it to Merrit and Spencer's house before it got bad. I am glad that he's with them in case he needs help. Please pray that it gets better quickly. I'm worried about him! He said he would call Spencer's cell phone if he needs to go to the hospital for medicine. (Since we don't live in Atlanta yet, we don't have a doctor to call in a prescription for him.) Please pray for him! He is in bad shape.

Samuel seems to be better. He still doesn't have an appetite to speak of, but he's drinking soy milk to make up for it. I'm assuming that his little tummy is still upset, and he will eat when he's ready.

I will post more tomorrow. I need to get to bed (if I can sleep thinking about Jeremy.)

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