Friday, February 15, 2008

2 Showings this weekend and a nasty virus

My sweet boy when he was feeling well...

Ok. So, we have 2 showings lined up for this weekend. The first one is the couple from Charlotte and the two buyers they are bringing with them. We don't know the exact time; it will be on Saturday or Sunday. The second one is on Sunday between 1PM-2PM and is a first showing, of which we don't have any details. Please continue to pray for the Lord to sell this house! We are praying without ceasing around here...

I was so thankful that Jeremy came home last night because Samuel has been sick with a virus that looks and acts like the flu but isn't. We're praying this virus passes quickly. Yesterday my mom and I were at the doctor and the hospital having him checked out to rule out the flu or some other illness. Well, Jeremy came home just in time last night... He got home around 11PM. Samuel went from having a 104.7 degree fever on Wednesday night to a 95.1 degree temperature last night around 11:45 PM. The only reason I realized he had a low temperature was because he's been running a fever for two nights, and I've been checking his temperature every few hours. We don't think last night was virus related though; we think he got cold because he hasn't been wearing sleep sacks and was wearing 2 piece pjs with wide legs... At 1AM we called the ER and our doctor (who didn't even think the thermometer was working if he was still conscious and himself) and decided to give him 30 minutes in bed with us to see if it would come up before we spent the night in the ER. 30 minutes turned into 2 1/2 hours. It took that long to get his temperature up to 97.4 degrees. Since it went up one degree within 30 minutes, we stayed at home. He didn't sleep during those 2 1/2 hours, but we were SO thankful that his temperature went back up. I've always said that Jeremy could heat a small village with the body heat he puts out, and last night that came in handy. (Now I'm praising the Lord for his body heat!) Between our body heat, the flannel sheets, blanket, and down comforter, Samuel warmed up! At 3:30, I put him in his crib because I realized I could safety pin his sleep sack shut to keep him warm. (He had been unzipping the sleep sack and getting out of it, so we quit using it about 2 weeks ago.) I am lmost glad this whole thing happened though because he has probably been cold for a few nights without us realizing it. Poor guy! Please pray that Jeremy and I don't catch Samuel's virus.

We SO appreciate your prayers!

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  1. I came to tell you I was thinking/praying for you this weekend. It seems like it has been forever since the last showing. I will cover you with prayers all weekend. Wouldn't it be nice to have a couple people interested after all this time!