Friday, February 22, 2008

10:00 PM Update

Samuel and I had a good day. Samuel got a great nap today, which he hadn't done since Tuesday. Yesterday I forgot to mention that 15 minutes after my stomach issues ended yesterday afternoon, Samuel started vomiting. I can't imagine if I had still been having stomach issues... What a blessing that it worked out that way. Even though I was weak and tired, I persevered and made it through Samuel vomiting for several hours. I was also thankful to have my dad, who went to pick up Samuel's Zofran for me. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. It's not like you take a vomiting child to the pharmacy... (My mom was sick in bed. She had vomited the day before and still didn't feel well. Dad was/is the only healthy one.)

I am still worn out from this week. I am praying that I get some good sleep this weekend and am back to my normal self soon. I need my energy/good health to take care of Samuel and help Vance grow like he ought to...

Samuel definitely isn't back to normal. - I can't get him to eat or drink much. Today he only drank 12-14 ounces of liquids (Gatorade and diluted apple juice). He only ate 2 bites of banana, a saltine cracker, part of a popsicle, 2 pretzels, and part of a breadstick. I can't believe that he ate that little! I tried so hard all day to get him to eat and drink. He enjoyed refusing it all... I am hoping that improves tomorrow. I am sure his tummy was still upset today and the fear of it happening again probably played a role...

Jeremy is home safely! Thank the Lord! Now just pray that all of us get a good night's sleep, and that Jeremy feels better soon. He's still fighting a cold... I don't want to have to deal with a cold next week, so I'm praying for protection for me and Samuel. You can pray that Jeremy doesn't pick up our stomach germs. I have done my share to prevent it. He asked what the smell was when he walked in, and I quickly told him that it was the Lysol I had been spraying all over the house to prevent us from swapping illnesses. I sprayed the air, the furniture, door knobs, etc... I also washed a lot of clothes and blankets that could also be covered in germs. We will see if it helps!

Tomorrow I will call our realtor to see if she's heard which house that couple put an offer on. I would love it to be ours, but I wonder if they will go ahead and buy the cheaper house. Things get tricky tomorrow because our real estate contract runs out. I will write more about that next week.

Until tomorrow...

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