Saturday, October 1, 2011

Headed to Haiti on Monday at 9:45 AM

Monday is a big day for our family. We fly to Haiti at 9:45 AM. It will be a long day for us, as we have to leave home at 6:15 AM and won't arrive in Haiti until 3:00 PM Central Time. Please keep us in your prayers. The boys have never flown, and flying makes me nervous. I will be so relieved and excited when our plane lands in Haiti!

Since we fly in late and Grand Goave is 3 hours from the airport, we will be spending Monday night in Port Au Prince at a "guest house" (rooms with hall baths for relief workers/missionaries). By spending the night in Port Au Prince we will be able to drive to Grand Goave while it is light outside and make a stop at a grocery store with American products on the way.

Our boys have no idea what they are about to experience, so please pray for them as they enter a country full of visible poverty, devastation, and less comforts than they have at home. They will be taking cold showers for the first time, sharing a bed for the 7 weeks we are there, eating different food than they are used to, and learning what it's like not to have air conditioning. That is just the beginning of the differences between the US and Haiti, but I truly believe God will use it for good, and that they will learn so much. I pray it is just the beginning of a life of service for them. :)

Thanks in advance for your prayers! You will hear from me again once we are settled in Grand Goave, Haiti. :) Please continue to pray for us until then- protection, safety, easy transition, and good health. Thanks!

Here are a few recent pictures:

Daddy and Samuel on the big testing day at the rubble home in Marietta on the Southern Polytechnic State University campus



Samuel and Vance

Jeremy with the Atlanta Haitian Consulate and Southern Poly President

To God be the Glory,
Marianna (and the boys)