Monday, March 14, 2016

Big News

Greetings!  I have decided to blog  to make it easier to communicate and share photos and videos.  What have we been up to? Well,  after going to Greece from February 12-29, Jeremy spent 10 short days at home with us and then went back to Greece on Thursday, March 10.  Our church, Dunwoody Baptist Church, has a mission team there now, so it is an exciting time!  Jeremy will be in Greece until Sunday, March 20, when he heads to Turkey to investigate a ministry that Conscience is working on there.   Jeremy will return home on March 25, which is Good Friday!  It will be GOOD for us for several reasons.  Our Savior being the greatest reason!

The big news is that our family will be going to Greece (and possibly Turkey) for 3 months to a year.  We aren't sure of the timeline, but we are trusting God to lead us every step of the way.  We expect to leave home at the end of April or the beginning of May.  Jeremy will be apartment hunting for us while he is in Greece this week.  Would you please pray that he would find a 2-bedroom apartment that will work for our family?  Would you also please pray for the Lord's favor for Jeremy to get a volunteer visa in Greece?  That would allow us to stay in Greece for more than 3 months.  There is a limit of a 3 month stay in 180 days in the EU unless you have a visa.

While our family is in Greece, we will be working at the transit camp on the north end of Lesvos Island, the large camp in Moria, and the family center on the west coast of the island in a town called Mitylini. Mitylini is home to about 40,000 people, so it isn't tiny.  Mitylini is where we expect to stay while we are on Lesvos.  All of the above ministries are important to Jeremy and where he has focused his energy since November.  Once we are there, I will be posting pictures and updates as possible.  Wifi can be spotty, but I hope to make regular updates.

I want to share a compelling one-minute video by David Platt, who is head of the IMB (International Mission Board from the Southern Baptist Convention).  Have your tissues ready!  How will we respond to these open doors to share Jesus with people in crisis?  The first thing we must do is pray for these refugees to get the help they need and to be drawn to Jesus Christ. There is another step though.  Will we use this opportunity for furthering the Kingdom by going to them or helping others to go?  

If you have children, please share this five-minute video with them.  An 8-year old missionary kid in the Middle East shares her life and the refugee crisis as she sees it. It is thought-provoking and on a level that will engage your children.    I also showed our boys the David Platt video because I know they are ready for it. If you like the video from Kids on a Mission, check out the Kids on Mission website for more resources.  They have a free subscription as well as paid subscription.

Kids on a Mission video

If you feel led to give toward the effort to help refugees in Greece, we would be so grateful.  For one-time gifts, send a check made out to Conscience International to our home.  Write Greece on the Memo line. Contact us for our home address: or

If you would like to give to Conscience International on a monthly basis, we will put you in touch with Kurt Geibel at the Conscience office in order to set up a bank draft or give you an address where you can send a check on a monthly basis.  Just email us using the email addresses above.

Please keep our family in your prayers as we prepare to leave. 

Thank you and God bless,