Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling better

Praise the Lord that we are all feeling better!

Samuel has his appetite back. My mom has watched him go from eating a little to asking for food. Thank the Lord that he is better!!! He's still acting funny with beverages. He definitely needs milk, but right now he's not interested... We pray that improves.

Jeremy is back to his normal self. He has a great appetite too. He's still a little tired, but I expected that. Thank the Lord that he's made such progress! He's coming home tomorrow night, and I can't wait to see him!

I'm feeling better today. Yesterday was a hard day for me because I was very weak and sore all over. Today I'm not sore, but I'm still a little weak, which I think is normal. I'm able to eat more now, which is good. I'm still not craving my normal foods, but at least I feel hungry. I stayed at home and rested today; I didn't feel up to driving yet. Tomorrow will be a better day. Samuel will be coming home tomorrow morning. I will be happy to be with him again. Mom and Samuel drove by today, and I talked to him from a distance. He didn't seem to miss me, which made me sad, but I guess I would love hanging out with 2 dogs and my grandparents too. He's had loads of fun!

I hope all of you are staying well! If I were you, I would stay far from anyone with a stomach bug... I know I will.

Til tomorrow!

A new realtor, a fresh start

Our house is back on the market at a little cheaper price, and we're praying for a quick sale! Jeremy and I found a new realtor this week. She works at Beaufort's top selling real estate agency, and she's got a lot of experience as well as spunk. It's also a small world... The realtor and my mom talked and found out that they were both part of a ski club in Atlanta in the late 60s.

Oh, I forgot to add that the real estate agency does preview day on Wednesdays, so all of the realtors came through our house on Wed. morning. That was quick and good exposure! (Thank the Lord that Mom had gotten the house ready for pictures on Tuesday because it left me with next to nothing to do on Wed. morning while I was half out of it, sore, and weak...)

We're praying for showings and an offer! Will you pray with us?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's official...

1. We signed a lease on a house. Jeremy will move in on Sunday night, and then he will come to get me and Samuel next weekend.

2. I saw my belly move for the first time this afternoon. Vance must be getting bigger because now I can see his movements as well as feel them. (I'm glad to know he made it through my illness without a problem.)

Illness and more illness...

I haven't posted since Monday because I ended up with the stomach bug also... I'm still very weak and sore all over, but I'm thankful that the worst is behind me. I called my OB's office this morning just to make sure that the soreness all over my body was normal, as I woke up about 10 times in the night because my whole body hurt. The nurse reassured me that this was very normal and not to worry. She had the stomach bug a week ago, so she was very helpful. I'm praying to feel better and to get my strength back. Right now I feel like I got run over by a truck. The nurse suggested I take Tylenol PM to sleep better tonight, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Samuel is staying at my mom and dad's until I'm better. I called them once the vomiting started and asked them to come get him. He is having a grand 'ole time with them. I know they are happy to have the time with him since we're moving next week.

Jeremy is much better now. He started getting sick about 12 hours before I did, so he's 12 hours ahead of me as far as recovery goes. He stayed in bed all day yesterday, but he went to work today. He is still weak, so I'm praying for him to get his strength back.

We have a new realtor, but I will update on that tomorrow since I don't have much energy right now...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday 10:00 PM Update- Please pray for Jeremy

Now you can pray for Jeremy. He either has food poisoning or a stomach bug. Thankfully he made it to Merrit and Spencer's house before it got bad. I am glad that he's with them in case he needs help. Please pray that it gets better quickly. I'm worried about him! He said he would call Spencer's cell phone if he needs to go to the hospital for medicine. (Since we don't live in Atlanta yet, we don't have a doctor to call in a prescription for him.) Please pray for him! He is in bad shape.

Samuel seems to be better. He still doesn't have an appetite to speak of, but he's drinking soy milk to make up for it. I'm assuming that his little tummy is still upset, and he will eat when he's ready.

I will post more tomorrow. I need to get to bed (if I can sleep thinking about Jeremy.)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday 9:30 PM-- Big Update

Samuel is fast asleep. He went down easily at 8:00 PM. He had a rough day. The stomach bug is taking its toll on him. We are praying that tomorrow is a better day because today he only ate 6 oz. of yogurt, 2 tiny pretzels, and 2 tiny pieces of bread. The doctor recommended soy milk, and he drank 5-6 ounces of it today. That is all that we could get him to drink. I'm worn out from offering him so much food and drink that he refused. It's sad because he doesn't understand that Mommy and Daddy are concerned about him getting dehydrated. He is too little to comprehend the consequences of not drinking or eating. Thankfully, my mom is going to come over tomorrow to help me coax him into eating and drinking. It has been hard to deal with; I could use her help!

As of tonight, our house is no longer on the market. We're looking for a new realtor, so you can pray for us to find one that meets our needs. I'm interviewing a realtor at 2:00 PM tomorrow (Monday).

Our biggest news is that we are taking a step of faith and moving to Atlanta in two weeks. You can pray for us as we move and leave the house in the hands of a realtor. This is going to be a big transition for us! Last, but not least, we are thrilled because Vance will be joining our family in 4 months. We are so blessed and thank the Lord each day for him! I am so excited that I will have a little down time before Vance arrives since I have spent the last 8 months trying to sell the house and being a single parent during the week. I have prayed and cried out to the Lord to be with my husband again. God is good, and we are trusting in Him as we take this step of faith.

I will update tomorrow on Samuel's health. Hasta manana!

11:00 AM Update

Praise the Lord! Samuel had a couple of ounces of liquids- Gatorade and Ginger Ale, and he ate a couple of pretzels. The bad news is that he had some diarrhea. Please pray that that was a one time thing. He does seem to feel better now, so that's good. We are praying that he is on the mend. Poor thing! Thanks for praying!

9:00 AM Update- Please pray for Samuel

Samuel needs your prayers. He still doesn't want to eat or drink. He's only had 4 spoonfuls of yogurt today and no beverages. I gave him a Zofran at 8:45, and I'm hoping that it will cause him to feel better enough to drink something. If he doesn't drink soon we will end up at the hospital to treat dehydration. Please pray! Thanks!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vance's nursery

I went ahead and made my decision on Vance's bedding. I really wanted this bedding... Then I remembered that I had a $100 gift card, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. I want to paint the walls the lighter blue color in the quilt. I've picked out the curtains I want, but I will wait to buy those next month. They are blue/green stripe; I saw them in the store on a display, and they were so cute. Now I am in search of a rug for the hardwood floors. I am thinking light green similar to the one in the quilt. If you know of a store that might have one, let me know.

More than anything, I can't wait to meet Vance! What a wonderful day that will be! He is due exactly four months from today. WOW!

2:30 PM Update- Back to the doctor

We just got home from taking Samuel to the doctor. I called them because Samuel had only had a few sips of liquids all day, was VERY fussy, and fell asleep on Jeremy's lap for 45 minutes before waking up crying. Maybe for your kids these things are normal, but Samuel drinks at least 25 oz. of liquids a day, isn't fussy, and NEVER falls asleep when he's not in his crib. Occasionally he falls asleep in the car for a few minutes, but he's not a car sleeper.

I love these doctors- There is a husband and wife in their late 40s, and then they paired up with a female doctor who is about my age. I couldn't be happier with them. The husband and wife were already in the office seeing another sick child, so they told us to come on down. (Another perk of living in a small town...) The wife (Karen) has been seeing Samuel all week, so she took care of us. Samuel has lost over a pound since Wednesday; she didn't seem too concerned about this though since he vomited on Thursday. She sent us home with some ice pops to try to get fluids in him. She said that his mouth is still wet, so he's not dehydrated yet. She said to give him another Zofran since he's probably nauseated and see how he does the rest of the day. Samuel is fast asleep right now. Thank the Lord!!!

9:30 AM Update

Samuel slept through the night again. Praise the Lord! He seems a little better, but he's still afraid to eat or drink. I've gotten him to eat a few bites of a banana and about 2 oz. of yogurt. (He insisted, and I risked it. That was over an hour ago and still no vomiting...) I just wish he would drink. I don't want to give him milk again until Monday just to be safe. He is refusing to drink, which is not good. I just pray he drinks something soon.

I feel better today, and Jeremy is still asleep, which is good for him since he wasn't feeling well last night.

I see that this is going to be a good day!

Websites that help during illness

Ever since Samuel got sick this time, I have either been on the phone with his pediatricians or been in their office because of the high fevers and vomiting. They have been super helpful. I am going to miss living in a small town... They were so concerned about Samuel that they even had me check in with them one morning. I was also impressed to be able to speak to the doctor on the phone when I called with questions. What a blessing!

When Samuel has a minor illness, I do use the internet. I wanted to share some websites that help me:

American Academy of Pediatrics

WebMD Children's Health

Family Doctor.Org (from the American Academy of Family Physicians)

Friday, February 22, 2008

10:00 PM Update

Samuel and I had a good day. Samuel got a great nap today, which he hadn't done since Tuesday. Yesterday I forgot to mention that 15 minutes after my stomach issues ended yesterday afternoon, Samuel started vomiting. I can't imagine if I had still been having stomach issues... What a blessing that it worked out that way. Even though I was weak and tired, I persevered and made it through Samuel vomiting for several hours. I was also thankful to have my dad, who went to pick up Samuel's Zofran for me. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. It's not like you take a vomiting child to the pharmacy... (My mom was sick in bed. She had vomited the day before and still didn't feel well. Dad was/is the only healthy one.)

I am still worn out from this week. I am praying that I get some good sleep this weekend and am back to my normal self soon. I need my energy/good health to take care of Samuel and help Vance grow like he ought to...

Samuel definitely isn't back to normal. - I can't get him to eat or drink much. Today he only drank 12-14 ounces of liquids (Gatorade and diluted apple juice). He only ate 2 bites of banana, a saltine cracker, part of a popsicle, 2 pretzels, and part of a breadstick. I can't believe that he ate that little! I tried so hard all day to get him to eat and drink. He enjoyed refusing it all... I am hoping that improves tomorrow. I am sure his tummy was still upset today and the fear of it happening again probably played a role...

Jeremy is home safely! Thank the Lord! Now just pray that all of us get a good night's sleep, and that Jeremy feels better soon. He's still fighting a cold... I don't want to have to deal with a cold next week, so I'm praying for protection for me and Samuel. You can pray that Jeremy doesn't pick up our stomach germs. I have done my share to prevent it. He asked what the smell was when he walked in, and I quickly told him that it was the Lysol I had been spraying all over the house to prevent us from swapping illnesses. I sprayed the air, the furniture, door knobs, etc... I also washed a lot of clothes and blankets that could also be covered in germs. We will see if it helps!

Tomorrow I will call our realtor to see if she's heard which house that couple put an offer on. I would love it to be ours, but I wonder if they will go ahead and buy the cheaper house. Things get tricky tomorrow because our real estate contract runs out. I will write more about that next week.

Until tomorrow...

Update on yesterday's showing

Well, since it had been 27 hours since the showing, I decided to call my realtor to find out what she had heard. I don't know why she hadn't called me yet, but anyway she said that we are in their top 3. They are interested in another home in our neighborhood that is cheaper, but it's over 10 yrs. old (Ours is 3 yrs. old.) I guess it will come down to whether or not they want to pay a little more for a newer home. We will see...

10:00 AM Update

Thank the Lord that we both got a good night's sleep. I decided not to set an alarm to check on Samuel because I knew that between an open door and a monitor, I would hear him if he needed me. This the first good night's sleep that we've gotten in days. I only heard him once, and I think he was probably just dreaming. I went in to see if he was ok and to check his temperature, which was normal. I just bought an Exergen arterial thermometer, so it makes checking his temperature easier. He didn't even wake up...

Now just pray that I can get Samuel to eat and drink. I would love for him to drink and just eat Jello, but he's not keen on doing either. He took one bite of a banana. I pray this gets better...

Jeremy is coming home tonight. Please pray that he doesn't end up with a stomach bug too.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

9:30 PM Update

Samuel is fast asleep. He didn't vomit again after I gave him the Zofran at 5:00. No fever either. I felt ok putting him to bed. I did take a precaution and borrow an air mattress from a neighbor in case Samuel needs me in the night. That way I won't have to get comfortable on the floor, which is not so easy when you're pregnant. I am praying we both get good sleep tonight because we're worn out. This has been a tough week with little sleep.

I've got pjs washing now in case Samuel gets it coming out the other end, which his doctor warned could come next. I normally wash once a week for him, so he was down to one pair of pjs. Not a good thing when you have a stomach bug.

I am definitely feeling ill and will go to bed very shortly. I'm going to sleep upstairs to be even closer to Samuel. I pray he doesn't need me though.

Praying that tomorrow is a better day!

Samuel takes a turn for the worse

Samuel had a first today. Not a good one though... He started vomiting after I put him down for a nap. It was so upsetting to hear him cry and go upstairs to find him and everything in the crib covered in vomit... That was only the beginning too. The dry heaves that came once his stomach was empty were almost worse than anything else. This went on for several hours. He was sobbing. It was a bad experience for both of us. I hate to see my baby in pain. Thankfully, he slept for an hour at one point.

My dad got him some Zofran, and I gave it to him around 5PM. He hasn't dry heaved since then. I am praying that it's over... Please pray for him to feel better and for the Lord to protect me from the vomiting. I don't know how I'm going to avoid it though. I started with a stomach bug last night. When he was vomiting, I was wishing that I could crawl into the bed. This is a trying time. I wish Jeremy were here, but at the same time I don't want him to get it too.

(We don't know how the showing went this morning. I will update once I know something.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No news was bad news....

I got the bad news this morning. The Charlotte couple put a contract on the other house, which is a foreclosure or short sale. This is a huge disappointment to us, but we are trusting in the Lord.

We do having something to look forward to though. The Charlotte couple's realtor is bringing another couple to see the house. They are from out of state and have to put a contract on some sort of property in the next two days because they're doing a 1030 exchange. It's an investment thing. Above my head... BUT it could be exactly what we need- a buyer that is looking for a good investment. Our neighborhood has a good reputation and a desirable place to live. We will pray that our house is what they see making them money in the future. They were supposed to come today, but now they're coming tomorrow between 9 AM and 10 AM. We will be praying. Will you pray with us? We would appreciate it!

Today has been a tough day all around. Samuel was up for the day at 6: 45 AM with a high fever, so we started our day with him taking a tepid bath. I ended up at the doctor's office twice today because of high fevers. The doctor thinks that Jeremy could have given him some germs since Jeremy got sick over the weekend just as Samuel was getting better. Samuel didn't have a fever on Sunday or Monday, but then Tuesday it was back. Thankfully it's not the flu or strep. He was tested for both today. We pray it will be over soon! High fevers are scary! I am praying that the Motrin and Tylenol will get him to rest well tonight. He didn't get a nap today because of the fever being too high to let him sleep. I will have to wake him to medicate during the night, but he is good about going right back to sleep.

I will update tomorrow on the showing IF I have any news, and I will let you know how Samuel is doing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It kills me to say...

that I still haven't gotten news about the Charlotte couple. I am tired of waiting... I would like my realtor to call the other realtor since she hasn't responded to e-mail. Let me leave it at that and continue to pray for the Lord to SELL THIS HOUSE!!! I can't tell you how many times a day I have this talk with the Lord. I will post on our "step of faith" on Monday.

Cloth Diaper Confusion

Ok. If you're like me, you probably think of pins and a mess when you think of cloth diapers. My mom used cloth diapers on me, but she had a diaper service. Well, a lot has changed in 33 years. Now diaper services are almost non-existent, and cloth diapers have become so easy to use and care for. With the help of a cloth diapering friend, I found a Cloth Diapers- Just the Basics with lots of questions and answers. She says that it's so easy! She also gave me lots of useful tips on what things I need to buy, how to wash the diapers and wipes, etc...

I'm getting excited about cloth diapering. Did I mention that I love the fun cloth diaper colors??? So before you jump to conclusions about cloth diapers, check it out. You too might find that it's way easier than you would imagine. Of course, there are a variety of cloth diaper brands. BumGenius makes an All-In-One cloth diaper. You got it- Only 1 piece. They also make a One Size diaper, which means that you don't have to buy more diapers as they grow. This diaper uses an insert, but it looks easy. I have read that the One Size diapers are better for nighttime also because you can double up on inserts. Here's some information on BumGenius.

They recommend cloth wipes with cloth diapers, which are a cheap and chemical-free way to keep your baby's bum clean. Also, you no longer need diaper rash cream to prevent diaper rash. With cloth diapers, diaper rash isn't an issue.

If I get Jeremy to agree to a third child, I will be able to use them on that child also.
One bonus is that you can sell them when you no longer need them. Sounds good to me!

Oh, I plan to keep Samuel in disposables since he will hopefully potty train around the time that Vance is born. Of course, I shouldn't be so sure of that because he might take longer than I would like. He uses the potty now several times a day, but he doesn't act upset with a dirty diaper or even let me know when he needs to go.

I'm sure I will post about my cloth diaper experiences once Vance arrives.

Any cloth diaper fans out there?

I'm doing a little research before Vance is born because I am considering using cloth diapers. I am looking for cloth diaper fans that could recommend their favorite ones. Any advice? I am impressed with BumGenius. They now make a One Size diaper, so I wouldn't have to buy new diapers as Vance grew. It's a little bit of an investment at first, but a great way to save money considering how long he will wear them.

Thanks for your help!

Not such a sale

If you read my Halo sleepsack sale post, you may have followed the link like I did. I was shocked to see how much they're charging for the sacks, so I decided to look on since I don't have a Babiesrus nearby. is definitely cheaper. If you have a Babiesrus, I know they charge $19.99 per sack, which is cheaper too.

Here I thought the Halo online sale was going to be good... Oh well.

Halo Sleep Sack Sale

Here's a sale notice from Halo:

February Promotion: Feb. 19 - March 1, 2008

This Promotion is - 25% OFF Selected Items: all Swaddles, Velboa, Ribbon Trim, Applique, On-the-Go and Early Walker. Clearance items are not included this month.

This promotion is not live on the site. Please enter the following code at check out to receive this offer: EC511

On the go is cool because it has a slot for the car seat, so that you can take the baby straight to bed from the car. Sign me up!

Go to this website to shop: Halo

Happy shopping!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still no news...

We still haven't heard from our realtor. I'm going to call her in the morning. We're praying that this isn't a bad sign.

I'm trying to get Jeremy packed to leave, so I should end here.

No news yet

We still don't have any news from the Charlotte couple's showing. We actually had 2 showings yesterday. A truck was stopped in front of our house around 3:30, and I decided to go outside and encourage them to come in since I saw that it was clients with a realtor. The house was spic and span, so why not? Our realtor is going to follow up with that realtor soon. The more exposure we have, the better.

Last night at 1:30 AM Samuel's temperature was low again. -95.6 degrees. I brought him to bed with us for about an hour, and then I checked his temperature since Samuel wasn't interested in sleeping. Since it was 96.6 at that point, I put him back in his crib, and he slept again until 7:15 when I heard him crying. That's early for Samuel, which made me wonder if he was having stomach issues again, so I went to get him. Thankfully, he seemed fine and had a perfect temperature- 98.6.

Today we are home from church since Samuel and Jeremy are sick. I thought about going alone, which I've done before, but I decided to try to avoid any germs that are lingering in that mass of people. I don't need to add any more germs to this household or my body. Please pray that I don't come down with anything. So far, I feel tired, but that's about it.

We're excited about the showing between 1-2 PM. We'll hang out at my parent's house. That way Samuel can nap. I think all 3 of us will end up napping.

When we have news, we will share it! Thanks for caring and for praying!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bring on the showings...

So, we've been working around here getting ready for our 2 showings despite Samuel AND Jeremy being sick. We thank the Lord that we've been able to get most everything done since Jeremy was in the bed until noon today. Just 2 more things to do- mop the hardwoods and clean the kitchen cabinet doors. We say bring on more showings now that it's clean on the inside and the outside!

Please pray with us for the Lord to SELL THIS HOUSE!

1st showing- Saturday between 4 and 5 PM
2nd showing- Sunday between 1 and 2 PM

Friday, February 15, 2008

2 Showings this weekend and a nasty virus

My sweet boy when he was feeling well...

Ok. So, we have 2 showings lined up for this weekend. The first one is the couple from Charlotte and the two buyers they are bringing with them. We don't know the exact time; it will be on Saturday or Sunday. The second one is on Sunday between 1PM-2PM and is a first showing, of which we don't have any details. Please continue to pray for the Lord to sell this house! We are praying without ceasing around here...

I was so thankful that Jeremy came home last night because Samuel has been sick with a virus that looks and acts like the flu but isn't. We're praying this virus passes quickly. Yesterday my mom and I were at the doctor and the hospital having him checked out to rule out the flu or some other illness. Well, Jeremy came home just in time last night... He got home around 11PM. Samuel went from having a 104.7 degree fever on Wednesday night to a 95.1 degree temperature last night around 11:45 PM. The only reason I realized he had a low temperature was because he's been running a fever for two nights, and I've been checking his temperature every few hours. We don't think last night was virus related though; we think he got cold because he hasn't been wearing sleep sacks and was wearing 2 piece pjs with wide legs... At 1AM we called the ER and our doctor (who didn't even think the thermometer was working if he was still conscious and himself) and decided to give him 30 minutes in bed with us to see if it would come up before we spent the night in the ER. 30 minutes turned into 2 1/2 hours. It took that long to get his temperature up to 97.4 degrees. Since it went up one degree within 30 minutes, we stayed at home. He didn't sleep during those 2 1/2 hours, but we were SO thankful that his temperature went back up. I've always said that Jeremy could heat a small village with the body heat he puts out, and last night that came in handy. (Now I'm praising the Lord for his body heat!) Between our body heat, the flannel sheets, blanket, and down comforter, Samuel warmed up! At 3:30, I put him in his crib because I realized I could safety pin his sleep sack shut to keep him warm. (He had been unzipping the sleep sack and getting out of it, so we quit using it about 2 weeks ago.) I am lmost glad this whole thing happened though because he has probably been cold for a few nights without us realizing it. Poor guy! Please pray that Jeremy and I don't catch Samuel's virus.

We SO appreciate your prayers!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day bug

It looks like we will be celebrating Valentine's Day (and the weekend) at home. Samuel has some sort of bug. He hasn't been feeling great since Monday afternoon, but he didn't get a high fever until last night. At 7PM he had a higher fever than I've ever seen in my life- 104.7 degrees. Thankfully, my mom was here, and we were able to nurse it down without going to the emergency room. Between medicine, cool washcloths (he wouldn't tolerate a bath), advice from an on-call doctor and my ER Nurse neighbor, a sippy cup of Pedialyte (only one because then he realized it didn't taste so good), and some tlc, it went down to 101 degrees by 10PM. At that point I felt comfortable putting him to bed, which is something he had been asking me to do for over an hour... (You know Samuel is sleepy when he asks to go to bed!) My mom spent the night with us to help me out and make sure that she didn't need to drive Samuel to the ER (since I didn't want to have to be around all of the illness there). I checked his temp 3 times in the night and gave him more medicine only once since after that dose his temp was close to normal. I got decent stretches of sleep from 1AM-4AM, and then 4:15AM-8AM. I am tired though. This pregnant body definitely craves sleep!

This morning his temp was 100 degrees, so I decided to take him to the doctor. The good news is that he doesn't have the flu. The doctor thinks it's probably a virus, but she decided to be on the safe side by doing some blood work and a CT scan of his lungs. Samuel cried a whole lot while 2 of the doctors took his blood, which caused me to cry... Then, we went to the hospital for the CT Scan, which didn't cause him to cry as much. I was thankful that the 2 techs were so sweet with him because I wasn't able to stay in the room for the x-ray since I'm pregnant.

After that, I decided to take him to the store for some goodies and beverages since he hasn't eaten well since lunch on Monday. The doctor said that all rules go out the window, so I bought him Sun Chips, Jello, Gatorade, Sunny D, and some Pedialyte pops. We'll see if he will even eat the Pedialyte pops. They might be as bad as the drink. He was especially thrilled when I bought him a cheeseburger from McDonald's. He didn't eat much of it, but I figure that some protein is better than none... Thankfully Samuel doesn't know how to fake an illness to get these yummy snacks and meals... Can you imagine???

We're praying he feels better soon! I pray Samuel's temp doesn't go up again tonight like the doctor predicts it will, but if it does, I will know exactly what to do. Jeremy is able to come home late tonight, which is good since I might need some extra sleep tomorrow.

I almost forgot to add this- For the first time, I felt Vance hiccup last night around 1AM. I had laid back down after taking care of Samuel, and I felt the hiccups. I don't remember them this soon with Samuel. I guess that makes sense though because now I know what they feel like. Those hiccups brought a smile to my face. It was like Vance was telling me that he was ok in there and happy that I was taking care of his big brother. Maybe that's a little far fetched, but it made me smile... :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The BIG Ultrasound

On Tuesday, Jeremy, Samuel, and I went to my ultrasound appointment. The baby looked great at 14 ounces. We are pleased that everything is going well. Jeremy actually figured out the sex of the baby before the tech said anything. It's a good thing we wanted to know the sex since it was so obvious.

Samuel needs to get used to sharing his trucks because...

Vance is due on June 23. We can't wait to meet him!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The latest on our house

I spoke to our realtor yesterday, and that couple hasn't been able to make a decision yet. It's between our house and one other house. The couple is coming back the weekend of Feb. 15 to look at both houses again, and they are bringing 2 other buyers with them. We don't know anything about the other buyers, but their realtor mentioned that it could be that one of them would be interested in our house if the original couple isn't. Since this couple took a CD Rom with pictures of our house back to Charlotte with them, I imagine they could have "introduced" the other buyers to our house. Thanks to George Haynes for that marketing tool! I made CD Roms when we first put the house on the market, made some more last week, and love it when buyers take them during a showing!

Please be praying for this showing the weekend of Feb. 15. You could also pray for other showings between now and then because we would be more than happy to sell it sooner!

Thanks for your prayers! I will update as I have news.

The latest from Nate

I wanted to share this link with you because it takes you to a video of Nate holding his daughter for the first time. It's an amazing video that had me crying like a baby. I cry pretty easily these days (being that I'm pregnant), but this one was more than just an average tear jerker. I am in awe of how small she is and how she is thriving! God is taking such good care of her! On the video Nate says that her stats went right where they should be when he was holding her, which shows you how much they need the touch of Mommy and Daddy. I am praying for Tricia to be able to hold her soon. Gwyneth is almost a month old, so I know that Tricia is needing to hold and be close to her daughter. God will answer her prayers shortly. Tricia is also now on the double lung transplant list, so please pray about that. This family has been through so much, and their faith is amazing to me. I know that it's only by God's grace that they are able to be at peace. I pray that God will comfort them more each day and give all 3 of them the rest they need! Please pray for them!