Thursday, February 21, 2008

9:30 PM Update

Samuel is fast asleep. He didn't vomit again after I gave him the Zofran at 5:00. No fever either. I felt ok putting him to bed. I did take a precaution and borrow an air mattress from a neighbor in case Samuel needs me in the night. That way I won't have to get comfortable on the floor, which is not so easy when you're pregnant. I am praying we both get good sleep tonight because we're worn out. This has been a tough week with little sleep.

I've got pjs washing now in case Samuel gets it coming out the other end, which his doctor warned could come next. I normally wash once a week for him, so he was down to one pair of pjs. Not a good thing when you have a stomach bug.

I am definitely feeling ill and will go to bed very shortly. I'm going to sleep upstairs to be even closer to Samuel. I pray he doesn't need me though.

Praying that tomorrow is a better day!

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  1. Oh Marianna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray and pray and pray you don't get this and that Samuel is feeling like himself tomorrow. Sorry I didn't call today...I went to dinner with some friends, I had ESOL and then went to Jeff and Leslie's tonight and didn't get home until late.