Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cloth Diaper Confusion

Ok. If you're like me, you probably think of pins and a mess when you think of cloth diapers. My mom used cloth diapers on me, but she had a diaper service. Well, a lot has changed in 33 years. Now diaper services are almost non-existent, and cloth diapers have become so easy to use and care for. With the help of a cloth diapering friend, I found a Cloth Diapers- Just the Basics with lots of questions and answers. She says that it's so easy! She also gave me lots of useful tips on what things I need to buy, how to wash the diapers and wipes, etc...

I'm getting excited about cloth diapering. Did I mention that I love the fun cloth diaper colors??? So before you jump to conclusions about cloth diapers, check it out. You too might find that it's way easier than you would imagine. Of course, there are a variety of cloth diaper brands. BumGenius makes an All-In-One cloth diaper. You got it- Only 1 piece. They also make a One Size diaper, which means that you don't have to buy more diapers as they grow. This diaper uses an insert, but it looks easy. I have read that the One Size diapers are better for nighttime also because you can double up on inserts. Here's some information on BumGenius.

They recommend cloth wipes with cloth diapers, which are a cheap and chemical-free way to keep your baby's bum clean. Also, you no longer need diaper rash cream to prevent diaper rash. With cloth diapers, diaper rash isn't an issue.

If I get Jeremy to agree to a third child, I will be able to use them on that child also.
One bonus is that you can sell them when you no longer need them. Sounds good to me!

Oh, I plan to keep Samuel in disposables since he will hopefully potty train around the time that Vance is born. Of course, I shouldn't be so sure of that because he might take longer than I would like. He uses the potty now several times a day, but he doesn't act upset with a dirty diaper or even let me know when he needs to go.

I'm sure I will post about my cloth diaper experiences once Vance arrives.

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