Friday, February 1, 2008

The latest on our house

I spoke to our realtor yesterday, and that couple hasn't been able to make a decision yet. It's between our house and one other house. The couple is coming back the weekend of Feb. 15 to look at both houses again, and they are bringing 2 other buyers with them. We don't know anything about the other buyers, but their realtor mentioned that it could be that one of them would be interested in our house if the original couple isn't. Since this couple took a CD Rom with pictures of our house back to Charlotte with them, I imagine they could have "introduced" the other buyers to our house. Thanks to George Haynes for that marketing tool! I made CD Roms when we first put the house on the market, made some more last week, and love it when buyers take them during a showing!

Please be praying for this showing the weekend of Feb. 15. You could also pray for other showings between now and then because we would be more than happy to sell it sooner!

Thanks for your prayers! I will update as I have news.


  1. I am still praying that you will have a buyer!

  2. I'm praying about this weekend!