Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling better

Praise the Lord that we are all feeling better!

Samuel has his appetite back. My mom has watched him go from eating a little to asking for food. Thank the Lord that he is better!!! He's still acting funny with beverages. He definitely needs milk, but right now he's not interested... We pray that improves.

Jeremy is back to his normal self. He has a great appetite too. He's still a little tired, but I expected that. Thank the Lord that he's made such progress! He's coming home tomorrow night, and I can't wait to see him!

I'm feeling better today. Yesterday was a hard day for me because I was very weak and sore all over. Today I'm not sore, but I'm still a little weak, which I think is normal. I'm able to eat more now, which is good. I'm still not craving my normal foods, but at least I feel hungry. I stayed at home and rested today; I didn't feel up to driving yet. Tomorrow will be a better day. Samuel will be coming home tomorrow morning. I will be happy to be with him again. Mom and Samuel drove by today, and I talked to him from a distance. He didn't seem to miss me, which made me sad, but I guess I would love hanging out with 2 dogs and my grandparents too. He's had loads of fun!

I hope all of you are staying well! If I were you, I would stay far from anyone with a stomach bug... I know I will.

Til tomorrow!

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  1. Sorry I haven't called. I was SO swamped yesterday and today with that huge luncheon (thank goodness it's over now). I worked until 2am last night and Bryce woke at 5:30 (that's not normal...ughh!!!). I got home from the luncheon around 3pm today and crashed asleep on the floor until 6pm when I then got up to go to ESOL until 9pm. Just got home and am heading to bed and figured it's too late to call. I'm glad you updated to let us know you're feeling better.