Thursday, February 28, 2008

A new realtor, a fresh start

Our house is back on the market at a little cheaper price, and we're praying for a quick sale! Jeremy and I found a new realtor this week. She works at Beaufort's top selling real estate agency, and she's got a lot of experience as well as spunk. It's also a small world... The realtor and my mom talked and found out that they were both part of a ski club in Atlanta in the late 60s.

Oh, I forgot to add that the real estate agency does preview day on Wednesdays, so all of the realtors came through our house on Wed. morning. That was quick and good exposure! (Thank the Lord that Mom had gotten the house ready for pictures on Tuesday because it left me with next to nothing to do on Wed. morning while I was half out of it, sore, and weak...)

We're praying for showings and an offer! Will you pray with us?

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