Saturday, February 23, 2008

2:30 PM Update- Back to the doctor

We just got home from taking Samuel to the doctor. I called them because Samuel had only had a few sips of liquids all day, was VERY fussy, and fell asleep on Jeremy's lap for 45 minutes before waking up crying. Maybe for your kids these things are normal, but Samuel drinks at least 25 oz. of liquids a day, isn't fussy, and NEVER falls asleep when he's not in his crib. Occasionally he falls asleep in the car for a few minutes, but he's not a car sleeper.

I love these doctors- There is a husband and wife in their late 40s, and then they paired up with a female doctor who is about my age. I couldn't be happier with them. The husband and wife were already in the office seeing another sick child, so they told us to come on down. (Another perk of living in a small town...) The wife (Karen) has been seeing Samuel all week, so she took care of us. Samuel has lost over a pound since Wednesday; she didn't seem too concerned about this though since he vomited on Thursday. She sent us home with some ice pops to try to get fluids in him. She said that his mouth is still wet, so he's not dehydrated yet. She said to give him another Zofran since he's probably nauseated and see how he does the rest of the day. Samuel is fast asleep right now. Thank the Lord!!!

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