Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our growing boy and growing baby in the womb

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007

When I look at pictures from last Christmas, I can't believe how much Samuel has grown. It's sad but exciting at the same time. I miss my little baby, but I love what he is becoming. Today I took him to the doctor with me, so he heard the baby's heartbeat. When I mentioned it to him later, he started imitating the noise he heard through the doppler. It is so cool how he listened carefully and now can make a similar noise. He has done it several times since then.

Speaking of the baby in the womb, all is well. Once again I forgot to get the heart rate, but we did hear a healthy one. The 16 week appt. is so easy since they only weigh me and listen with the doppler. I have my 20 week appt. and ultrasound scheduled for Feb. 5th. My doctor's office has a ultrasound machine and technician, so you have the ultrasound first and then meet with the doctor. I'm excited that it will be my turn to meet with the doctor who delivered Samuel. Jeremy will be here, and we will probably take Samuel with us. I want him to have a chance to see the baby. I know he probably won't understand, but I still want him to be there. One day we can tell him that he was there when we found out if we were having a girl or another boy.

Have a great day!!!

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