Monday, January 14, 2008

God is working in the lives of Tricia and Gwyneth

This is a photo of Nate touching his daughter's hand for the first time. He wasn't allowed to do this until Friday, Jan. 11. (She was born on Tuesday, Jan. 8.)

If you haven't been keeping up with the family in Nags Head, NC, I thought I would post part of Nate's update on his precious girls. God is so good! He has those 2 in the palm of his hand, and they continue to progress. They aren't out of the woods yet, so please keep praying! Nate included prayer requests.

Tricia is becoming more responsive every day, which means she's doing better on the vent and needing less sedatives. I am able to have short conversations with her by asking her yes and no questions. She's opening her eyes more, and even communicating when she wants/needs something. She is definitely aware of Gwyneth...this morning, as I was telling her that I was going to go see the baby again, and that I wanted her to wake soon so I could show her pictures and video, she suddenly frowned and looked about to cry, knowing that she was not going to be able to see the baby for a while...I have to tell you that almost broke my heart. I lost it right there...our nurse saw it as well and was tearing up a little. I can't wait until she wakes up!

was taken off the UV light (which was fighting off Jaundice). The only times I've seen her under normal lighting is when the nurses are working on her. No more "goggles" either. I sat for a long time, just watching her sleep...she moves her face all around, wiggling her ears, and scrunching her forehead. It's beautiful. She may be off of the vent in just a few days, which means I'll be one step closer to holding her. That will be a beautiful moment.

Here are some specific prayer requests for the next few days:


> To continue responding well while being weaned off the vent and sedatives.
> NO Infections!
> Patience as I think she's consciously ready to wake up and learn what the rest of the world has been doing.

> That she will poop soon...I know, I said "poop". It's not uncommon for preemies to go a while without pooping, but it needs to happen before they can give her a feeding tube, which she needs to really begin growing.

> That her blood work for the CF screening will come back negative.

> That her
PDA will close soon.--It closed this morning, so Praise the Lord!
> That she will be free from any difficulties.

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