Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bread machine fun and tips

I just love the taste of homemade bread! I don't use my bread machine that often, but yesterday I got the urge to make some whole wheat bread to go along with some chicken salad I prepared. I went online to find a recipe, and I was so excited! To my surprise, it didn't rise much at all, and I ended up throwing the majority of it away. I was disappointed. Being the stubborn one that I am, I was determined to make some good bread today. This time I used a box (mix), and as I was reading the box, I came across some information that would have been helpful yesterday. It said to use room temperature water because warm or hot water would prevent it from rising. Well, that explains my goof yesterday. In the winter, I tend to use only warm water at the sink, so I must have used warm water for the bread. At least now I'm aware of what happened and will be careful not to let it happen again. In case you're wondering, today's bread is divine- Hawaiian (sweet bread).

One more bread machine tip- I recommend the light crust setting if you think you will toast or heat of some of the bread later.

Oh, and the great thing about the bread machine is that I'm not nervous to leave the house with it on. I took Samuel for a walk while it was baking. I would never have done that with the regular oven.

I've posted several more times this week, so keep reading!

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