Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Alphabet Fun

At Thanksgiving, Jeremy and I bought Samuel Leap Frog Fridge Phonics. We mainly bought it for Jeremy's parents' house and my parents' house since we had been warned that it would scratch our stainless steel appliances. He has enjoyed using it at my parents' since we got home from Jeremy's parents' house after Thanksgiving. He can even repeat the letters after it plays. For a week or two he has been trying to repeat the alphabet song. Now we're using it at home just on the furniture or on the floor. - Whatever works, right? Today I got him on video saying a couple of letters. Of course, he didn't say all of the ones that he has said in the past, but that's ok. You will hear me on beginning of the video. I was trying to get him to sing along. Then, I let him take over. I think it's cute even if it's only 4 or 5 letters. He's not even 2 yet, so I can't expect him to get it all... It has been encouraging though since I am going to be his teacher from now until the end of high school. He seems to enjoy learning. He's like a sponge. He also loves music. One of us sings to him before bed, and he is learning to sing "Jesus Loves Me", "Jesus Loves the Little Children", and "Amazing Grace". We let him fill in the blanks for a couple of the words. It is so sweet when he tries to sing the songs with me. If I could just teach him everything through music...

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