Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting creative

Yesterday my J Crew bridesmaid dress for Amy Stromberg's wedding came in the mail. I opened the box and left it on the floor in the office. Maybe 30 minutes later Samuel went into the office and used the J Crew cardboad box to make himself a "chair". He is all about sitting on cushions or pillows to be able to read books, and I guess he decided that this cardboard box would make a great seat for him. Mom and I got a kick out of it when we walked into the office. Even at 16 months, they have a mind of their own! It's amazing! Watch this video-

I also took a few photos-

Listening to music from a Bible songbook

Raising his hands up as he listens to the music-
Praising God at 16 months old

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  1. Samuel is too cute and creative. By the way, you've been "tagged". Check out my blog for directions.