Monday, August 27, 2007

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Jeremy was here for the weekend, and he left this morning. I was sad to see him leave. I found myself in tears, which was surprising because I haven't cried the rest of the times he's left. Once he left, I decided to take Samuel for a stroll. It wasn't too hot, but it was sure humid. We had a nice 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood. We got home, and I decided to clean the upstairs bathroom when I got a call from our realtor saying that another realtor wanted to show our house between 12PM-1PM. I was thrilled and spent the next 2 hours cleaning the house (all of that for a 5-minute showing). Samuel was such a good baby to let me clean while he played. He couldn't have been happier! He made a huge mess with his toys, but he helped me put them away. He's been great about putting his toys away.

Jeremy will be gone all week. There is a chance that I will join him on Pawleys for the weekend, but that will depend on how things go with the rest of the people working up there. I won't go unless there will be a separate bedroom for Samuel. The last time I was up there Samuel had to spend 2 nights in our room, and that didn't go so well. The 2nd night there was the worst night I've had with him since he was a newborn. All 3 of us lost hours and hours of sleep. It was awful. In general Samuel sleeps much better when we're not in the room with him because he senses us there and doesn't want to sleep, but it's never been that bad before.

We introduced Samuel to my dad's boat on Sunday. The next time we will actually be taking him out on the boat. On Sunday the current was so strong, that my dad wouldn't have been able to get out and back into the slip. Samuel took the wheel and was ready to go for a ride.

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