Monday, May 19, 2008

Some photos from bedrest

**This is my 2nd post of the day.**

On Wed., May 7, Tressa picked me up from the hospital and brought me home (Thanks, Tressa!). My Aunt Faye came to take care of our family from Wednesday to Monday. Since my birthday was Thursday, May 8, she also brought a homemade cake, which was so yummy!!!! (Thanks, Faye!!!)

Samuel devoured my cake. It cracked me up because he wasn't interested in his birthday cake that we bought at Publix, yet he loved this one. I guess homemade is best! I will have to remember that next year. I'm not promising anything fancy, but I definitely could make a sheet cake.

This was taken on my birthday, May 8. I was happy to be at home and with my boys. Here are two of my three boys. Jeremy, my other boy, took the picture. I never thought I would be in a house of all boys...

This was taken in Samuel's playroom on May 8. (Before my dad painted it on May 15. Thanks, Dad!!!) Samuel was entertaining himself while Faye took care of me and the chores. I am so happy to have a child who enjoys playing by himself. He's so creative and such a boy!

This was taken on Monday, May 19. (My parents arrived on Tuesday, May 13, and they will be here until Wed., May 21. ) My mom took this picture of me and my dad before he took me to my doctor's appointment. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

This was taken before lunch on Monday, May 19. Samuel and I were looking at pictures on the computer. Here I am in the recliner that a sweet neighbor loaned us. (She told us to cover it since it was old.) I am 35 weeks pregnant and happy to be home with my sweet family! I love my little Samuel so much, and I think he looks really sweet in this picture. It's hard to believe that soon he won't be my only baby... (I will always see him as my baby.)

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  1. Hey Marianna,

    I've been thinking of you on bedrest - I was on bedrest with both Rachel and Samuel, not fun.

    So glad you have some help - I know you will be glad to hold your new little one and even get up and around again! :)