Saturday, May 24, 2008

I think I'll take a long nap, Mommy and Daddy.

Most days Samuel naps 2 hours, but some days he will nap up to 3 hours. From the time he was on a regular nap schedule, I set a 3 hour limit on naps to keep it from interfering with his bedtime. Well, yesterday Jeremy woke Samuel up at the 3 hour mark. Samuel was sacked out. Jeremy went in his room making a loud noise since the door isn't shutting properly, went back out into the hall and turned on the light, went back into his room, left the room to get the camera, and then took several pictures of Samuel. All of that and Samuel didn't even wake up. He was sleeping so sweetly on his side. Oh, and he's just started sleeping on his back. (From the time he was about 5 weeks old I put him on his tummy, and that's how he has slept ever since. And, yes, I tested his ability to turn his head and not suffocate himself before I let him sleep on his tummy. I also credit Angelcare and breastfeeding for taking away my fear of SIDS.)

I love to watch Samuel sleep. I used to check on him every night before I went to bed, but I quit doing that awhile ago since we were using the Angelcare monitor, which monitored his breathing. Now that we're not using the monitor anymore, I tend to go in to check on him before I go to bed at night.

Here are 3 pictures- two of Samuel asleep yesterday and then one of him still sleepy in Daddy's arms. Yes, he still wears a sleep sack at 2 years old. I love them!!! Thanks to the sleep sacks Samuel has never even had an opportunity to climb out of the crib.

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