Sunday, May 25, 2008

I wonder why...

Today Jeremy and Samuel went to Sunday School. Here they are right before they left:

Apparently Samuel wasn't too thrilled with going to the nursery because he cried from the time Jeremy got near the door to drop him off, and he was crying when Jeremy went to pick him up. So strange... The ladies said that maybe he's teething. I know he's been teething, but that has never stopped him from playing. He has always enjoyed the nursery. Today he spent the hour crying and being held by one of the workers. Who knows??? I hate the thought of him in there crying while Daddy was oblivious to it all.

Samuel's napping right now, and I'm hoping he takes a long one. Jeremy, Uncle Doug, and Grammy are at the store, and I'm resting on the bed (as usual). Friday and Saturday weren't good days for me, so I'm trying to make today a better day. I can't figure out which is worse- the side effects of the medicine I take or the withdrawal when I don't take it. I think I'm going to be glad a week from tomorrow when this medicine is a thing of the past.


  1. We were out of town this week and I was wishing I had a good book... so thanks fo the suggestions - they are now on my list for some summer downtime reading (not sure when the downtime is - but I know I'll find some). And just a nursery thing... DBC has a policy for the babies and infants (and I think it would go for anyone in that first building - isn't Samuel still in there?) that after 15 minutes of crying they'll page a parent. So if it happens again and you are worried you can get Jeremy to get a pager and let the workers know he has one. I'm sure all the hoopla of change has been hard for him. I've been praying for the little guy and for a spirit of peace (for you and for him).

  2. Both of mine have gone through a crying stage. Macie even got kicked out of the nursery last Sunday! This week she was a little better.