Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Free place to store documents

Just last week Jeremy's computer crashed. He was kicking himself for not backing up his documents. He had planned to put all of them on Google Documents, but he just hadn't done it yet. He is praying Geek Squad will be able to retrieve all of his files... That made me think about friends of ours that have an external hard drive. I told Jeremy that we should get an external drive. Then, I realized that there is a free way to save our documents until we can afford to buy an external hard drive. It's called Google Documents, and you don't have to have an e-mail account with them to use this service. I just checked it out and uploaded several documents that I would hate to lose. Not only can you upload, but you can share documents with friends. Jeremy and Spencer have used this feature to "turn in" their hours to someone they're working for. One more great feature is that you can send an e-mail to a special e-mail address they assign you, and they will convert the e-mail to a document. Or you can attach a document to that e-mail and they will save that attachment. It's amazing...

To check out this free service, go to Google and look for Google Documents. You too might find it useful!

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  1. I think Michael's the one that told Jeremy about Google documents as he's used it for quite some time. There is something about having our financial documents online that make me a tad uncomfortable, hence we use the external hard drive. Google is amazing though.