Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A First and a Mommy update

Samuel is experiencing a first- not the good kind though. My parents just took Samuel to the doctor, and it turns out that he has his first ear infection. (I guess that's pretty good though since he's 2 yrs. old.) It might even be considered a double ear infection since he has an infection in one ear and an infection starting in the other ear. We thought he was just teething since 2 weeks ago at his 2 yr. check-up the doctor said that his 2 yr. molars were coming in. He has the teething symptoms... Well, yesterday after his nap he started tugging on one ear and crying. Then, last night he woke up crying in the night and couldn't be consoled. Poor baby! I feel so bad for him and hope the medicine kicks in quickly.

As far as a Mommy update, I'm still hanging out on the couch, bed, or recliner (that a neighbor loaned me :)). I will be resting at home from now until Vance is born. I should be ok to do more at 37 weeks (June 2), but the problem is that I am not at all comfortable on my feet and have contractions even when I'm resting and taking my meds. On June 2, I will no longer be allowed to take the meds, but they wouldn't stop labor at that point anyway. So, as of June 2, you can pray for me even more... I would love for Vance to decide to come early as long as it's after June 2.

One last thing- If you're a Mom of more than 2, I applaud you. You are stronger than I am. The end of pregnancy is just not easy for me. If I could skip from 32 weeks to labor and delivery, I would love to have a third child. After going through this stuff, I see our family as being complete with 2 boys; although, I would love to adopt a third child if it's financially possible. From the time we got married, Jeremy and I talked about adoption. We were offered a baby or two when we lived in Honduras, but it definitely wasn't God's timing for us. Then, I was researching adoption when I got pregnant with Samuel. I could see us adopting a child from a Spanish-speaking country one day if that's the Lord's will for us. We will wait and see what the Lord has in store for our family!

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  1. I understand the difficulty of being pregnant the 2nd time. I said it was so much easier to work full time and be pregnant than it was to be home with a toddler. I debate the 3rd child (and think about adopting at times), but I agree it would be HARD!