Friday, October 12, 2007

Sale on Halo sleep sacks

Life is so funny. I was just upstairs putting Samuel to bed in his pjs and Halo sleep sack. I was thinking about how I should do a post on sleep sacks. When I got downstairs, my phone rang. It was Tressa calling me from Babies "R" Us, which is my favorite store for baby things. She said that it was getting cold in Atlanta, so she was calling to get my advice on sleep sacks. She knows that I'm a huge fan. I couldn't help but laugh when I hung up. I guess it's time I put in a plug for sleep sacks. Samuel has been wearing a sleep sack since he was old enough to get out from under a blanket. I think that happened around 4 months old, but I'm not positive. I had sleep sacks before then, but I didn't use them much because even the size small swallowed him! The first time I put him in one he was 7 lbs., and he was just too tiny for one. Next time I have a baby I'm going to get the Halo Newborn Cotton Swaddle sacks or a Preemie sleep sack. I don't know if they had those when Samuel was tiny. When he was about 4 months old, I became a sleep sack addict. Yes, my name is Marianna Holloman, and I am addicted to putting my baby in Halo sleep sacks. It's not a joke in my family. He doesn't sleep without one. I always buy 2 to have an extra one if I'm doing laundry or somehow one is dirtied. I simply love the fact that I don't have to worry about him throwing a blanket off and getting cold. I use them all year long since I don't use a blanket in his crib, and I know that I like some sort of sheet or blanket on me when I'm sleeping regardless of the temperature. I use Halo cotton sleep sacks in the spring/summer/fall and then Halo fleece sleep sacks in the winter. The fleece sacks are lined in cotton knit for more comfort. As I was telling Tressa, you could actually use cotton all year long if you wanted to. You just put them in thicker pjs (fleece) in the winter under the cotton sleep sack. Maybe some of you think that's going overboard in "covers", but when it's 67 degrees in my house, I am in long pjs and under my down comforter. Think about your baby. He has no covers.

Here's a product description:

Eliminate loose blankets from baby's crib by zipping them into the Halo SleepSack, the original wearable blanket. Endorsed by First Candle/SIDS Alliance, the sleeveless design prevents overheating. Reversible zipper for easy diaper changes. Baby stays covered all night long, safely and comfortably in 100% cotton interlock.

Check out the Halo website. It's interesting to learn why this sack was designed and see more information.

Here is a link to the Babies "R" Us page of all Halo products. You will see the sale price. Check them out. If you miss the sale or want to comparison shop, check out Baby Center and Amazon. Oh, I almost forgot that I bought 2 on eBay last Spring. Yes, they were new. It turns out that Baby Center is also having a sale and free shipping if you spend $29 (Code FREESHIP29). Their sale ends on Monday. Even if you don't want a sleep sack, you might find a sale for you.

For all you crafty moms, here is a sleep sack pattern. I ran across this recently. Maybe one day I will try to learn how to sew and make some myself.

Oh, and guess what? Halo makes sleep sacks for toddlers. In a 2-3T size and 4-5T, they make a big kid sack. Check it out. Since I don't think Samuel will understand a blanket at 2 years old, I will be using one. Some moms say it's a way to keep them from crawling out of their cribs, and I say the same is true about the cotton and fleece regular sleep sacks.

Let me know if you have any questions about sleep sacks!

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