Tuesday, October 9, 2007

God's protection

I had a rough morning. Since 7 more people were going to arriving at the Charlotte job today, I had to pack up and leave this morning. No big deal when you don't have a baby. I was trying to figure out how I was going to make sure that Samuel didn't "get into trouble" while I packed the car. I decided to leave him in the master bedroom since that was the place I used all week when I wanted to shower or needed to keep him "out of trouble". I was finished packing my very full car, and I came back into the condo to hear Samuel crying like something was wrong. Sure enough it was. When I got into the bedroom, I saw the t.v. lying on the floor with one of Samuel's tennis shoes halfway up under it. Samuel was hysterical. I immediately picked him up, trying to console him. Poor thing had a big scare. He had 2 few places on his head where the skin was pulled off, but I couldn't see anything else to make me worry. It took awhile to calm him down, but then he was ready to play. He was walking fine and talking, so I figured that he was fine. I just wanted to say that God is protecting us and our families when we don't even know there is danger. I had no idea that he would end up pushing the tv over. He hadn't touched it all week. Thank the Lord that He took care of Samuel. Samuel could have really been hurt.

I finally got out of the condo. A few minutes down the road Samuel started choking on something. This went on for about 30 seconds, which is how long it took me to pull over 3 lanes to stop. Before I could stop, it was obvious that he had just swallowed funny. He had been chewing on a toy, so maybe it was related to that. I told him to drink some milk, which he did. He was fine after that. Another thing that made my heart skip a beat. Once again, God took care of Samuel. How has God been taking care of you and your family this week?

Now I'm home and thinking about resting while Samuel is napping. I was so thankful that he went down so easily for his nap since it was late- 2:30. I pray he sleeps a long time. He needs the rest since he got up so early everyday in Charlotte.

What are you looking forward to this week? I am looking forward to my Bible study tomorrow and the arrival of my grandmother on Thursday.

What are you thankful for this week? I'm thankful for my wonderful husband and son! I'm also thankful for the Lord working in our midst. As my friend Danielle explained it to me the other day, our lives are like needlepoint. The problem is that we only see the messy side even though God is doing a beautiful work in our lives. I thought that was a great illustration, and I told her that I would share it with others. I pray that I am able to trust Him more each day with my life, so that I don't get caught up in the little details and problems since He has a wonderful plan for my life. After all, He is on His throne! (I heard a song
by Steven Curtis Chapman on the radio this morning about the fact that God is still on His throne. I think the song is called King of the Jungle. Charlotte had 2 awesome Christian radio stations. I was excited to hear Chip Ingram one morning while I was driving, and I loved the music!)

If you would, please pray for us. We REALLY need to sell our house.

Have a blessed day and leave a comment to answer my questions!

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