Friday, October 5, 2007

God working on me

God definitely had a plan for me when he made it possible for me to come with Jeremy to the Fort Mill job. We had 2 long days on Wed. and Thurs... It took forever for me to get everything ready to go. I spent a lot of time cleaning the whole house, doing laundry, ironing, packing, and just doing last minute stuff that you do when your house is on the market and you're leaving town. I have faith that the Lord is going to bring a showing our way after a month of no showings. I left everything just like I wanted to. As perfect as I could get it.

Anyway, we didn't leave until after 11AM. If you know me well, you know that I am strict about naps and bedtime. You may not know that I travel in the morning in order to get Samuel to the destination in time for a nap. Until yesterday, I had never traveled more than 3 hours with Samuel without Jeremy in the car. Samuel doesn't sleep much in the car nor does he like being confined. These days we can go 3 hours with him sleeping 5 minutes or 45 minutes. No more than 45 minutes. No big deal except that yesterday we were traveling when he would normally be napping for 2-3 hours. Needless to say, we had a fussy baby on our hands. It didn't help that he's not feeling well. I'm getting off track.

We finally got to the condo around 6:00 PM because we stopped at the job site for over an hour. We passed many nice homes on the way here. We're actually in Charlotte. When we opened the front door, I was in shock. The place on Pawleys Island was 10 times nicer than this place. I'm thinking, "Where is the nearest hotel?" The place is old and very dirty from the carpet to the walls to the bathrooms to the kitchen. Did I mention that it's dirty? I do NOT like dirty places.

the shower

the patio with a b*er left from electricians

broken dining room chairs

my blanket on the couch

I am also spoiled in my "new" house. I don't like to admit that I'm spoiled, but I'm putting it out there now. So, I am thinking that the Lord is trying to get me to lower my standards because
Jeremy and I will soon (hopefully) move out of our 2 yr. old home. We will probably end up buying an older home in Atlanta. We are committed to buy a home with a very comfortable mortgage, which means an old home in a city like Atlanta. I am thinking that I will have to get used to old. It's good for me to learn how to work with old. I will make sure that I clean everything, but it will be different though because it will be my furniture, my sheets, and my towels. You can see from the picture that I have covered the couch with a throw that I brought from home. Maybe I let the cleanliness thing go a little too far, but I bring my own throw to these rentals to use when I get cold. This time I'm using it because I don't want to sit on the couch... As far as sheets go, I washed them when we got here since the electricians had been sleeping on them and hadn't washed. The towels were a no go from the time I saw them, so after Samuel went to bed, Jeremy and I left Joel in charge while we went to Target. We got 2 cheap towels for $4.50 each. I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms when we got back from Target. It meant going to bed very late, but it was survival for me. Samuel was going to need a bath, right? Samuel didn't get his daily bath, but I couldn't think of putting him in that tub until I cleaned it. No cleaning could get the mold out of that tub though.

Today is a better day. I'm thanking the Lord that he is humbling me! It's not a fun experience, but I know it is for the best. After all, my God wants me to focus on living for him and not on the things I have or the place I live. Why in America have we (I) gotten so focused on material things? Why do we (I) expect to have the best? Why do we (I) "have to have" a big house? God is working on my heart. I want to learn how to be content with less and old. I don't mean I want to live in a dirty place though. I think the Lord expects some cleanliness out of us if we are to be good stewards of what he's given us. After all, if we don't maintain a house, it could cost us money (really God's money) in the long run when we try to sell or have to replace things. Not to mention illness from the mold, etc...

Ok. I got very long-winded. Sorry about that. If you didn't lose me, I thank you for reading what's on my heart...

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Marianna-
    I miss talking to you. I need to call it's just been so busy here trying to juggle work and full-time motherhood. I'm looking forward to less busy times hopefully. Your message was very insightful on your part. I'm praying for that house to SELL!!!