Sunday, October 7, 2007

No wonder...

Samuel hasn't been himself for over a week. He has had a runny nose, which I attributed to a cold. He has been fussy and clingy. He has woken up in the night a few nights, but thankfully he has gone back to sleep on his own. He also has been waking up for the day during the 6 o'clock hour most days, which isn't normal for him and also waking up crying from his nap. Well, I'd cry too if I were about to cut 2 huge molars! It makes me sad to think that I have been giving him tylenol products for the cold I thought he had when I should have been giving him Motrin for the teething since an anti-inflammatory is what he needs. Our poor baby has been in pain. Yesterday he woke up crying from his nap before he was ready to get up, and I went to get him since he kept crying. The Lord must have been prompting me because I normally don't stick my fingers in his mouth, but I decided to do just that. I couldn't believe the size of his gums. My poor baby!!! I pray that he cuts them soon! When he does, he will be up to 10 teeth. Way to go, Samuel!!!

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