Thursday, October 11, 2007

Going down memory lane

While I was in Charlotte I took a trip down memory lane. First, I drove to my old house. It was only 5 miles from the condo we stayed in, which was funny to me. The neighborhood is still nice and well-maintained. Here are 2 pictures:

I also had the chance to visit a college friend. Lora and I sang together in the Furman Singers all 4 years of college. In the ten years since we graduated, I had only seen her once at my baby shower, so this was a lot of fun! Lora has always encouraged me in my faith! She is married with 3 adorable children under the age of 5, and I enjoyed my time with her and the two little ones that were at home when I visited. Samuel played well with Leo, 2 years old. Ruth is almost 2 months old, and Samuel kept wanting to be near her while she slept. He said, "Baby". (I guess it's a good thing that he likes babies since we want another baby.)

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