Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Not much going on around here

I don't have much to report on this week. Samuel has been congested since Friday afternoon, so we missed church and missed story time at the library. We've been hanging out around the house and taking our usual strolls around the neighborhood. I am praying that he gets better soon. At least Jeremy is in town to help me while Samuel is clingy. I couldn't believe how much Samuel wanted to be held today from the time he woke up from his nap until the time he went to bed. You know Samuel is SICK when puts his arms around your legs, "asking" you to pick him up. It was sweet though. It would be nice if our next baby wanted to be held "just because". I like those moments of closeness! Jeremy does too. Jeremy wishes that Samuel could sleep with us and would be all about it if Samuel could possible handle it. Unlucky for Jeremy, Samuel thinks it's time to play when you bring him to bed with you (when he's sick or having a bad night for some unknown reason). You won't catch Samuel snoozing with Mommy and Daddy anytime soon...

I'm now giving myself a mandatory bedtime since I've been having problems sleeping, so I should end this blog and hit the hay. I'm ready for the day when I am able to take Lunesta again. For now, I'll just go to bed early and pray that I fall asleep in time to get my 8 hours before Samuel starts calling... I've lost so much sleep since Samuel was born that I don't know what it means to feel rested. Welcome to motherhood, right? (sleeping with one ear open listening for a crying baby) Or welcome to the life of a sleep walker and talker. I deal with both.

Good night!

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