Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's time to read!

I'm always saying how Samuel loves books, and yesterday afternoon Jeremy and Samuel spent some quality time on the couch reading books and laughing. Jeremy loves to make Samuel laugh, and I love to hear Samuel's adorable laugh. Here are some pictures I took of the two of them:

When I see Samuel "reading" books, I wonder what he's thinking or learning. I guess I won't know until he's older and speaking in complete sentences. Actually, a few days ago he did start saying a sentence- Bye Bye, Dada. He has said it several times since then. Jeremy and I were excited! Now I want to get him to change Dada to Daddy and Mama to Mommy. I wonder when he will start that? I always say Daddy and Mommy because I'm trying not to reinforce Dada and Mama. One day...


  1. Marianna-
    He is getting so big. Also, I noticed the new photo at the top of the page. You know, in looking at this photo, Bryce and Samuel have the same red blotches in common. Bryce has one right under his nose and on his forehead. I never noticed they both had/have it. Does Samuel still have his as I never noticed it before?

  2. It actually made me a little sad when Carson changed to mommy. He sounded so gown up! He even calls me mom every now and then.