Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Very Easy Way to Make Money

Ok. I am not talking big bucks, but I have used the money I make on You Data to buy gift certificates. (I made $2.61 in the last 2 days, which will buy me one gift certificate at the 80% off price.)

YouData is about reading ads. I filled out a profile on that tells them what kinds of things I am interested in. You Data is now loaded on my computer, and I just log everyday or once a week for a minute or less to see if new ads are available for viewing. So easy... You don't have to download anything on your computer though if you don't want to; just log into YouData to read the ads. They post ads for your viewing and with a click you are sent to websites. Since it's based on your interests, you might actually end up enjoying the websites. I know I have.

A few clicks a day (or week if you prefer), and you earn money. Each Friday they deposit the money into your PayPal account. One week I made over $5. Not bad for a few clicks.

To learn more, go here.

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