Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's our turn...

I guess it's our turn.... Samuel vomited when we got home from church today. He seemed fine afterward, napped well, but then he vomited again after his nap. We were getting ready to leave for small group, but now we're be staying home to take care of Samuel and pray really hard that Vance doesn't get this. I can handle getting it myself, but it scares me to think about a 5 month old with it. If you think of it, please pray for Samuel and Vance (or all of us for that matter). Thanks!


  1. oh that's just awful. hope you can keep it contained to just samuel. stomach bugs are really the worst!

  2. Oh Yikes!!! We've been there. Bryce got a stomach virus last January...he was 6.5 months. It's NOT fun. I sure hope Vance escapes it and that you and Jeremy do, too. I'm thankful we haven't seen ya'll...just so we know we didn't give it to ya.