Thursday, November 6, 2008

Help for Vance

We are so thankful that we got some help for our little baby boy. The 4 of us went to the pediatric gastroenterologist this morning to see what he could do for Vance. The reflux has gotten worse. (Vance isn't sleeping well, is vomiting ounces at the time, refuses bottles, and seems to be in pain during and after bottles.) Thankfully Dr. Marcus was able to assess the situation this morning, and he almost doubled Vance's dose of Prevacid. He said that he wasn't getting enough of a dose for his weight, so thank the Lord for specialists. (I'm not knocking the pediatrician because I love him.) We will see how this works.

Oh, we start physical therapy on Tuesday. Our home exercises are going well, but I think it will be good to have a therapist help him too. He has a long way to go from what I see. Poor little guy just spent so much time with his head to the right, that it's going to take awhile to correct that...

Praying for improvement,


  1. So glad there's a plan of action and that you're comfortable with the doctors.

  2. Yeah - I'm praying that you guys see a remarkable difference this week. Having a plan can bring so much relief to your heart.