Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not done and more on Vance and baby stuff

We are still busy around here. I have not finished unpacking, and Jeremy is still painting. It's a work in progress. I am not putting pressure on myself to finish because it is enough work taking care of Samuel and cooking meals. I have been running some errands to finish up the boys' rooms. I just got 2 more curtain panels and a curtain rod for Samuel's room. (He only had one window in his old room, and this room has two.) Thank the Lord they still carry both the panels and the rod. That was a blessing not to have to start over. Oh, and today I got the cutest curtain panels to match Vance's bedding. They are striped- blue, green, and white. I just love them! Now I have to get the curtain rod. I might end up buying one like the ones in Samuel's room- just plain white.

My parents gave us Vance's crib and changing table/dresser combo. as a baby gift, and we picked those two pieces up on Saturday. Jeremy will put those together soon. For now, we will just leave the crib in the living room, which is empty since we left that furniture in Beaufort, because we're using Vance's room as a guest room. My mom and dad are going to come before Vance's due date and stay for 2 weeks after he's born, so they will stay in Vance's room. Vance is going to be in a cradle in our room for the first 2-3 months. Thanks for loaning us the cradle, Michael and Amy. After a month or so, I do plan to use the crib for naps to get him used to the crib. Amy did that with Bryce, and I thought was a good idea.

One last thing- There are 3 baby items that I can't live without- the Angelcare monitor (that monitors baby's sound and movement), a video monitor, and sleep sacks.

1. We will move our Angelcare monitor from Samuel's crib to Vance's crib. If you want more info. on the Angelcare monitor, you can go to http://www.angelcare-monitor.com/ or www.target.com. It is the best investment ($100) because it's all about your piece of mind. I've always had the assurance that Samuel is ok when he's in his crib because the alarm would sound if he quit breathing. I can't recommend it enough! We have had some false alarms when he gets in one corner of the crib, but give me a false alarm any day over the fear of him not waking up... I have recommended this to friends and they are pleased with it too!

2. The video monitor has been a huge blessing. We got that at Big Lots in Nov. for $40. I was amazed to see Samuel "in action" when I thought he was asleep.... I also have paid attention to what he's doing when he wakes up, which has meant that sometimes I don't go to get him right away and he ends up falling back to sleep. I wouldn't be without a video monitor now. I need to find one for Vance's room.

3. Samuel has been in a sleep sack since he was about 6 months old. He wore them a few times before then, but I mainly used blankets until he started getting more active. (He was crawling backwards at 5 months old.) I love those sacks! The fleece ones keep him warm in the winter, and the cotton ones give him a little cover in the spring, summer, and fall. He has outgrown the fleece ones that you see in the stores, so I ordered special handmade ones on eBay a few months ago. He wears those at night. I've got him in the XL cotton one right now while he naps because they have a little give to them, but he has basically outgrown it. Once it warms up a little, he will officially be out of sleep sacks. I don't look forward to that because I know he will never keep blankets on himself. I don't know about you, but I never sleep without covers. We will see how he does.

I will post a few pictures soon. I just haven't had the time to take or post pictures...

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