Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the move or this age???

Samuel is still asleep, so I thought I would post... Before the move, Samuel was doing so well at bedtime and naptime. He went down easily (even said "night night" as you were singing to him) and never cried. The first 3 days here were fine. I assumed he was adjusting just fine until he started fighting sleep a week ago. Now it's a huge ordeal to get him to go down for nap and at bedtime. He is stalling by asking to read more books or go "poo poo" and crying when we put him down in his crib. It's been so frustrating. I've held him longer and sang to him longer, hoping to comfort him. Sometimes at naptime I have had to let him cry for 15 minutes, but that doesn't seem to work (and I'm not one to let him cry an hour). I end up going back in there and firmly telling him that it's time for his nap. At bedtime, we let him cry some and then Jeremy goes in to sing him one last song before he asks to go "night night". I sure hope this passes quickly! He normally goes to bed at 8:00; last night it was 9:00 before he went to sleep, and this pregnant mama went to bed too. I told Jeremy that we are going to have to put him to bed sooner if we're going to have any time as a couple. Tonight we're going to church, and I'll probably bathe him before church in order to put him to bed when we walk in the door.

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