Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Double digits and our precious son, Vance

Well, it's official. Our countdown to Vance's due date went from triple digits to double digits. He is due in 99 days! I get excited just thinking about meeting him for the first time. (I don't let my mind wander to labor and delivery just yet... Why get anxious 99 days before the big day?)
I wonder what he will look like. Will he have hair? Will he be more awake and ready to nurse than Samuel was? Will he be laid back like Samuel? Will he like to cuddle (unlike Samuel)? Will he sleep through the night sooner? (Anything will be better than 15 months, right?) One thing is for sure- He is already loved so much! Here is a short letter I would give him if I could.

Dear Precious Vance,

We can't wait to meet you and hold you! We prayed for you for 11 months before you were conceived. You are truly a gift from God and an answer to our heartfelt prayers! Even now we pray for the Lord to hold you in the palm of His hand. May you come to a saving knowledge of Him at an early age and follow Him all the days of your life! You are a child of God, and our precious baby boy! We love you, son!

Mommy, Daddy, and Samuel

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