Thursday, November 29, 2007

You can help a little baby boy!

My heart was saddened when I heard about the grandson of a lady from church. His name is Jaden, and he is 5 months old. He was recently diagnosed with a fatal disease called Krabbes. Jaden and his parents are currently at Duke University seeing doctors. The only thing that could save his life is a stem cell transplant, which will cost $850,000. Not only is this a lot of money, but it also has to be paid upfront. I'm not writing to ask you for money, but I am asking you to pray and to consider giving blood to his account. Here is Jaden's website. God bless you for praying!

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  1. Marianna-
    This little guy is only 3 days younger than Bryce. I'm devasted, absolutely devasted to read his blog. I can't imagine looking at my son knowing he was going to die. The thing is, it could happen to any of us at any minute. I'm so thankful for our health and so miserably sick over the fact that others are suffering. I literally cried tears reading his site.