Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diapers and baby food

Talk about a deal... I was at Kroger last night on a search for prunes (very hard to find) for dear Vance when I saw that the diapers were not only on sale for $6.49, but they also had $3 off stickers on them. You just peel the sticker and use it like a coupon. That means that I got diapers for $3.49 plus tax. I bought one package since I am not familiar with Kroger diapers, but once I try them, I plan on going back to buy more. Heck, at that price who cares how great they are. After all, I could use them if he's about to eat since that will mean a diaper change in the near future. I guess I should have thought of that before I left the store.

Oh, and my diaper study diapers came. I imagine they're off brand, but I don't know which store. I will start with them tomorrow and see how it goes. I don't love the idea of using them overnight since Vance gets a bottle at bedtime, but I guess I will just follow the directions and use them 24/7. He will go through them in 2 days since there are only 18 diapers in the pack.

By the way, if you make baby food, would you give me some suggestions for frugal veggies and fruits? Pears were much too expensive, and I can't find sweet potatoes under $1 now. I don't want to make food if I'm not saving any money, so I would love some ideas. Oh, and bananas and applesauce are out because he's always got constipation issues and seems to get gas from applesauce. Here I thought I could give him applesauce everyday to save him money. Oh well.

Off to continue packing. We are now covered up in boxes. Here are a few photos from earlier today.

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  1. Have you tried cooking up some frozen veggies (peas, beans, brocc, corn)? We've saved some money this way. You still get the same nutrients since they're frozen and not canned.