Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diaper Study for Size 4

If your baby or toddler wears a Size 4 diaper, Arquest is conducting diaper studies. They are looking for 200 people to participate. Not only do you get about 20 free diapers, but you also get a check for $10 when you're done. I found them by doing a Google search because Vance just went up to a Size 4 diapers, and I knew Size 4 was a popular size for studies. It's not local, so they will ship the diapers to you via UPS. Here is the contact info.: 1-888-342-7372 Ext. 634 for boys and Ext. 646 for girls. If you have a boy you will be talking to Sheila. If you have a girl, I am not sure who you are talking to. I had to just leave a message when I called, and then I heard back from Sheila.

Act quickly. She said that they wanted to get 200 people by Friday (1/16). If you read this after Friday, I would still call though. They might still need people.


  1. If Vance is in a 4, you need to get hooked up with Betty here in our town. I did about 5 diaper studies with her. You get about 50free diapers and a $10 check. Call her at 770-448-2972. I wish Bryce was still in a 4.

  2. 2:46- they are full. And I second Amy's note - last year I earned about $100 and got the equivilent of about6-8 packs of daytime diapers and a pack of overnights. We are doing our first 2009 study with them now. WooHoo! If you come to night mops - you'll meet her (usually).