Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walgreens diapers and training pants

Let me give you my diaper history. I have always preferred Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers to any other diaper, but they are expensive. I was blessed to be given those awesome diapers for the first 4 months of Samuel's life. To save money on diapers, I started using Luvs when Samuel was a few months old. I actually did this before my Pampers supply ran out. I would use Pampers some, but I felt like it was a waste of money to put him in a Pampers right before a feeding or a bath. I continued to use Pampers diapers overnight though and still do with both boys.

A few months ago after reading a post on Baby Cheapskate I decided to try Walgreens diapers and pull-ups. I noticed that they were on sale, which made them very affordable. It doesn't hurt that there is a Walgreens a mile from our house.

Why do I prefer Walgreens diapers? Not only are Walgreens diapers and pull-ups (training pants) softer than Luvs, but they also don't have those nasty perfumes that make me nauseated. I have also tried Target and Kroger training pants and wasn't satisfied. They didn't absorb well at all. I actually saw urine on the floor one day when we were out getting a haircut and quickly figured out that the Target pull-up hadn't done it's job. YUCK!! I have never had that problem with Walgreens diapers or training pants. They are a winner in my book!

There is one downside with the Walgreens training pants. They don't have open sides. Because of this, we keep Huggies Pull-ups in the diaper bag. That way we don't have to undress Samuel in order to change him. I figure it's not a big deal to do this at home, but I don't want the hassle when we're out. Since we spend most of our time at home these days, I don't spend much on the Huggies pull-ups, and I always use a coupon when I buy them. I bought some less than 2 weeks ago at Target. They were 15% off for some reason making them $19.50 for a big box. Then, I used a $2.00 and $1.50 coupons I got in the mail. Not bad. You can also go the Huggies website to find those Pull-up coupons and print them at home.

I will tell you that it's good to check the ads each week. I don't buy diapers or pull-ups unless they're on sale. When they're on sale at Walgreens they are $5.99 a pack, and I stock up because I know they won't necessarily be on sale next week. You can also find coupons on the Walgreens website for $5 off of $20 almost every week, so that's how you save even more money. Go here for those coupons.

Just a heads up- You normally need to go up a size when you are using store brand diapers. I found this to be true with the Walgreens diapers too.

One last thing, Walgreens has come out with a premium diaper. I haven't tried them yet because there are less diapers per package. I will save that extra money for the Pampers I still buy.

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  1. Have you tried CVS diapers? I found that they did pretty well for Megan. I got a lot of pampers and huggies on sale during the tax free days so I haven't used them in awhile. But there was a time when they were on sale all the time and they held up better than pampers.