Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have been so busy with taking care of two kids that I haven't had time to keep up with this blog. I just wanted to give a quick update.

Samuel is doing well. He goes through periods of being jealous, but I feel like he is doing well considering his world was turned upside down 4 months ago. He is talking so much that I forget he's only 2. It's amazing how much we can talk about with ease. His vocabulary amazes me. I guess I never knew I would be having normal conversations with him at this point. It's been a lot of fun! My parents love it too because they can have phone conversations with him. I enjoy being a part of holding the phone while he goes "on and on" with them. Fun times!

Vance is 4 months old now (on the 16th) and quite larger than Samuel was at this age. Jeremy and I often ask each other, "Where did this huge baby come from?" He is a sweet baby. I don't think Samuel smiled as much as Vance does, and Samuel was a happy baby too. I just love it when I'm trying to put him to bed, and he gives me a huge grin. I bet he will always try to use that grin on me to get his way. :) We are so thankful for Vance and feel like our family is complete now with him in our lives.

We had a scare over the weekend. Vance seemed to be getting a cold on Friday. I noticed he had a runny nose. Since he is always congested (stuffy) due to reflux, it caught us by surprise when he seemed to have difficulty breathing on Sunday morning. He was also coughing like a smoker. Wouldn't you know that this happened on the morning of the boys' dedication at church? Well, we decided to go on to the dedication, and then my mom and I took Vance to the ER as soon as we walked off the stage. I was so impressed with the ER. This is a children's hospital near our house, and they have got their acts together. I think they are ranked among the children's hospitals. Anyway, from the time you pull up you're impressed because they have free valet parking. Then they work quickly to get you in a room. Vance had a breathing treatment, RSV test, and an x-ray in less than 2 hours. (We were in and out in 2 hours.) Thankfully he didn't have RSV. He has bronchiolitis, which is a viral lung infection. Who knows where he got it? Since Sunday he has been on an inhaler with Albuterol every 4 hours for the cough and then suctioning as often as needed. He hasn't had a fever since Sunday.- Thank the Lord! The hardest part has been not knowing if he's ok or if I should be taking him to the doctor or ER. His cough is really bad at times, and I get nervous. Thankfully I haven't felt like he has struggled to breathe since Monday. It's amazing how concerned you get though. Jeremy and I barely slept on Sunday night and have had him in our room at night because we want to be right there if he needs us. Since Samuel has never been this sick, it's all a new experience for us. Thank the Lord for reassuring doctors and nurses! They make it a whole lot easier to deal with. We took him to the doctor on Monday and again today, and he definitely hasn't gotten worse, which was a concern. :) It's hard to swallow the fact that it could take weeks for him to be back to normal. My poor baby!

Ok. I must get to bed. I will hopefully get some pictures up soon. Anybody with 2 kids knows the struggle that can be. Nap time used to be great for that when I just had Samuel, but Samuel and Vance don't always nap at the same time... :( I hope to figure that out sometime soon.


  1. I'm glad Vance is doing ok. I know that fear. We are continuing to pray for you guys!

  2. oh my goodness! i am glad you made the right decision to take him to the ER. that stinks though. hope things calm down soon.