Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parents ought to be concerned

If you're a parent, do you ever think about how legalizing same sex marriage would affect your family? The following video shows how the legalization of same sex marriage in Massachusetts affected one family. All families with kids in public schools will be affected if same sex marriage is legalized. This video was put out for California, but it is a national issue. The hearts and minds of our children are at stake! Our little ones are so impressionable...


  1. wow. Makes you think about the battle ground we are on and what lies before us as parents.

  2. As a Christian myself, I feel that it's important to remember that we should not judge. A child can grow up emotionally stable and happy in a family with same sex parents. Similarly, there are many children who live in "Christian" homes who are not treated well. There are kids living in poverty, kids who are abused, and kids who have experienced more heart ache than we would wish on an enemy. Before we worry about whether a child has two loving mommies or daddies, we should address more critical issues.