Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on Vance

Vance is sleeping now. I can hear his congestion through the monitor though. This poor little guy has had a rough week. Thankfully his cough has gotten better, but he still has a wheeze and nasal congestion. I wonder when this will end. I know it takes longer for babies to get over congestion, etc... I am praying that it's soon because he has struggled to sleep this week. His reflux is also worse, which we were told to expect with the bronchiolitis.

On Wednesday I took Vance back to the doctor because his cough was worse. I mentioned that Jeremy has been wondering why Vance always turns his head to the right. (Jeremy has actually been concerned about it.) He looked at Vance for a few minutes and then said that it's called torticollis and requires physical therapy. He said it was probably caused by the way he was positioned in my womb, but I just read something that said that acid reflux can cause torticollis. I called the local children's hospital and scheduled a physical therapy evaluation for Friday of this week. Jeremy's mom is coming into town to watch Samuel, so that Jeremy and I can go to the appointment together. We will probably have weekly physical therapy for awhile. I just pray that the therapist, who specializes in torticollis, is able to help Vance.

With this also comes the issue of a flat spot developing, so we are hoping the therapist can also show us how to get him to sleep with his head facing the other way. Our ped. said that he needs to sleep with the other side of his head down and recommended we a buy a wedge from Babiesrus, but when I bought it and got it home, Vance was just too big for it. Our giant baby is about the size of a 6 month old, and the package says that it only goes up to 6 months. We need a new plan! We definitely don't want him developing a flat spot. For over a month I have tried putting Vance to sleep on his tummy because by now Samuel only slept on his tummy, but I think the Torticollis makes it too hard for him to sleep on his tummy. He starts suffocating himself. Not good! I guess there has got to be another way. I will ask on Friday.

In case you're bored, here's an article on one baby's experience with torticollis.

Well, Vance is up now, so I need to give him a bottle.

Praying for an uneventful week until Friday,


  1. Colter had tort. (sp). Talk to Leslie about it. You should try Babies Can't Wait. It's much cheaper than therapy through the Children's Hospital. Our one therapy bill at Children's was $600for one (1) hour session (I wish I had known that going in). Babies Can't Wait is $25 for a 1 hour session (it's a sliding scale). I'll call you this week. We're still in B'ham but heading home later tonight (Sunday).

  2. jacob's head was always turned one way when he slept too. we never took him to phys therapy though. he's fine now. maybe he didn't have it as bad as vance???

  3. You should also talk to Missy Sparrow - Jackson had it too and they did the therapy as well.