Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Samuel has a sore throat

Samuel woke up from his nap with a 102.4 fever. I do NOT like fevers. I assumed that he still had the ear infections and immediately called the doctor. Jeremy took him to see the doctor, and he came home quickly saying that it was viral pharyngitis (sore throat). I was happy it's not his ears or strep throat. (They did a swab for strep, and it was negative.) I was also shocked that a high fever comes with the sore throat...

Please be praying for Samuel to feel better soon and for none of us to catch it (me, Jeremy, or Mom). I read on the internet that it is spread by the time the sore throat develops, but that it is still good to keep a child at home until the fever subsides and the sore throat is gone. Samuel will be spending the next few days at home alone. No playmates for Samuel... I guess that means no church on Sunday since the last thing we need is another illness making its way into our home... Oh, and thank the Lord for Tylenol because that took care of the fever right away. YAY! I can rest better knowing he doesn't have a fever.

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