Saturday, April 5, 2008

my "new love"

I never thought a high chair could make me so happy... Before Samuel was born, we bought a high chair by using a gift card I got at a shower. We loved the high chair, but we realized that our dining area was too tiny for it. My parents wanted to buy a high chair to have at their house, so we went ahead and gave them the high chair. We used a booster seat until now. Since Vance is on the way, I have been thinking more about wanting a high chair. I know some people don't want the bulky high chair in their eating area, but I love the flexibility of a high chair- being able to roll it wherever you want to use it, being able to fold it up if you don't need it, being able to use the large tray for puzzles, etc... when you want to clean the kitchen and don't want them wandering the house. I'm also happy that I will no longer use one of our dining chairs for the booster seat. We were always in search of a chair when company came since it occupied 1 of our 4 chairs.

Today I was at Babiesrus to buy Oh Mama bars for myself, and I noticed the high chair I just registered for was at the front of the store (a floor model) for 15% off. My parents had always said they would buy a high chair for us if we wanted one since they took the one we had, so I called my mom and shared the good news with her. I love this high chair. It's by Chicco, but it's not the most expensive one they make. It's got a huge tray with 2 extra trays that snap on and can't be unsnapped by your toddler. :) Its vinyl cushions can be wiped down easily. It's got 7 heights and 3 reclining positions. Tonight I had Jeremy lower it to the height of the table since Samuel was extremely interested in sitting in the "new high chair, " as he called it. I never thought he would want to sit in a high chair, but I guess he can for the next 8 months or so until Vance is on solids. Since we quit using a tray on the booster seat last week, I will just remove the high chair tray and push it up to the table. It doesn't take much to make me happy! Here's a photo of my "new love":

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  1. this is the one i registered for. i got it at as a gitft at my work baby shower, but i ended up taking it back because i felt bad because it was so expensive. i'm glad you found a good deal on it & hope you love it!