Monday, April 21, 2008

It's in his genes...Poor guy!

Poor Samuel... I started talking in my sleep at Samuel's age, and then I started walking after that. This week Samuel started talking in his sleep. I went to bed one night and heard him say, "truck". It was just out of nowhere. I dismissed it thinking that I must be hearing things, but then Jeremy and I have heard it since then. Just today during his nap he said it again.

I'll tell you why I feel sorry for Samuel. Most of all it's because I most of my life I haven't gotten a good night's sleep because of it. I went to a doctor about it at one point and even had a sleep study done, but none of the medicine they prescribed worked. My neurologist went as far as to say that I would stop by the time I was 30. Jeremy and I think he was just trying to get me out of the door since he didn't have an answer for me. Thankfully, it has gotten a lot better since I had Samuel. I only walk and talk every once in a while, which is a huge improvement over every night...

I pray Samuel doesn't suffer like I did. I won't bore you with stories about walking and talking in my sleep, but I seriously could write a book about those dangerous and very embarrassing moments. If you ever want a good laugh, ask me to tell you some stories. Just remember that I only know what friends/family told me since I rarely remembered any of it.

(I could even tell you stories about my grandfather's walking and talking escapades. He even walked down the block to his grocery store one time. )

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