Monday, December 10, 2007

Back from a trip to Atlanta

Samuel and I decided to tag along with Daddy last week. We spent the week in Atlanta with Michael, Amy, and Bryce. We also had the chance to see other friends that we hadn't seen since July. We spent some time with Marty, Tressa, and Will. I had the chance to attend a baby shower for Suzanna, which was a lot of fun! All of the cute gifts made me want to have a girl this time around... (Not that I wouldn't be thrilled with a boy!) Then, we also had a chance to go to Lillie and Bennett's birthday party, which we enjoyed!

Samuel enjoyed himself. It was so fun hearing him say names, but I was beginning to wonder if he loved Amy more than me. (Ha Ha) He said her name non-stop. He also said, "Byce" without the "r" and "Mamal" for Michael. While we over at Marty and Tressa's house, he said, "Will". It wasn't until a few months ago that he started using names. It is amazing how much more he is saying these days. His vocabulary is definitely increasing, and Jeremy and I can't wait until he says a complete sentence. The most we've gotten so far is, "Bye bye, ___________ (insert name)."

We're happy to be home, but we would sure like to sell this house! If it doesn't sell in the next couple of months, we might have to just wait and move once the baby is born because I can't imagine changing doctors during my last trimester. I guess we could rent the house back from the buyer if we sell it after Feb.. Let's pray it sells during my second trimester. That means we have 3 months to sell it. If you want to pray specifically for that, we would appreciate it!

I don't have pictures to post yet, but I will soon.

Have a blessed day!

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