Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12 week appointment and other news

I went to my 12 week appointment today. It went well. I'm definitely gaining weight faster this time, but I expected that after talking to friends about their experiences with 2nd babies. I didn't think to ask the heart rate, but my doctor and I heard it going strong. We also heard several kicks. It's amazing to think that a 3 inch baby is kicking away... My doctor says we can expect this little one on June 24 or 25. If we're still living here, I'm going to consider induction in order to have the same doctor that delivered Samuel deliver this baby. Last time I was basically induced (minus the Cervidil), so I don't have a fear of induction. I do like the new doctor in the practice, but I am already used to Dr. Werner and have a good relationship with him. He says he's not sure he wants our house to sell... What a sweetie!

I am looking forward to finding out the sex around Feb. 5th. :) If it's a boy, I will be excited about Samuel having a little brother to play with. If it's a girl, I will start my search for cute bedding and clothes! Also, we will probably move Samuel to a single or double bed around his birthday, which is 2 months before my due date. That way he will have a chance to get used to being in a bed before the baby gets here, and we won't have to buy another crib.

Please continue to pray that our house sells in the next 12-13 weeks. I am not comfortable switching doctors any later than that.

We lowered our price by $12,000 today, so we are praying for more traffic. Oh, the couple from Charlotte was hoping for a price reduction. They love the house, but the husband wasn't sure that he wanted to spend what we were asking. According to my agent, she thinks it was at the top of their price range. Maybe the $12,000 will make the difference. Their agent has been informed of the price reduction, so we shall see... If not, someone else will come along!

Have a blessed day!

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